HC04 rapid impact compaction Parameters-Small Loader rapid impact compactor Model

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The HC04 rapid impact compaction equipment is a small equipment. The rapid impact compactor can be installed on a forklift or an excavator. It is easy to move, and can be clicked or continuously compacted on the working face to complete high-frequency and high-toughness compaction work. The impact depth is 0.4-1m, which is fully guaranteed. the actual effect of compaction.


1. Parameters of HC04 rapid impact compactor

Model: HC04

Impact energy: 4KJ

Working height: 2450mm

Standard tamper plate diameter: 560mm

Effective depth: 0.4-1m

Suitable for 7-13t excavator or 1-2t loader


2. Working principle of HC04 hydraulic compactor

HC04 hydraulic compactor has become a new type of compaction equipment widely used in the construction of roadbed and pavement. Compared with traditional manual compaction and small compaction equipment, the HC04 hydraulic compactor has the advantages of convenient transfer, flexibility and efficiency, safety and environmental protection, good operation performance, and high compaction energy. At the same time, it improves work efficiency and further reduces budget costs. The impact on adjacent structures is much less than with other compaction methods. The HC04 hydraulic tamper raises the rammer to a certain aspect ratio according to the hydraulic cylinder, and then releases it quickly. During the whole process of acceleration and landing, the rammer rams the road surface indirectly according to the tamper plate. rapid impact compaction machine is a compaction machine that uses machine gravity and variable force to compress soil. The soil compaction method may be referred to as dynamic consolidation or dynamic compaction. The essence of dynamic compaction is to obtain greater dynamic resultant force through external force on the basis of static (gravity) compaction to achieve better compaction effect.


3. The role of rapid impact compaction equipment

The HC04 hydraulic compactor can eliminate or weaken the inherent defects and man-made defects of the layered rolling roadbed, eliminate the possible post-construction settlement during the foundation use period in advance, and solve the problem of the bridge jumping in my country, the settlement difference between the new and old roadbed and the roadbed filling and excavation junction. The problem. Since the action of the tamper on the ground is implemented by a tamper plate with a buffer pad and statically pressed on the ground, compared with the traditional tamping technology, its peak force is small, the action time is long, the function is soft, and it is not easy to cut and fill. Streamlined, with dust-proof and splash-proof functions. Compared with the traditional surface rolling technology, its penetration is strong and uniform, and it is not easy to form surface induration in the basic treatment, and a more uniform density can be obtained in a larger depth range. As a general-purpose rapid impact compaction equipment, for the straight compaction structure without the compaction plate, the action mechanism of the ground and the traditional compaction technology (dynamic compaction, etc.) have greater compaction strength, and can also be used for structures such as broken ground.


The main body of HC04 rapid impact compaction has no power source and needs to be used in conjunction with loaders and excavators. Loaders and excavators can realize load bearing and power input, and the installation and disassembly are convenient and reliable. In addition to maneuverability, it also maximizes equipment utilization. It is necessary to use the HC04 rapid impact compaction for construction work, dismantle the excavator and bucket, and quickly connect the rapid impact compaction machine. When not in use, the hydraulic compactor can be directly dismantled, and the bucket and bucket can be installed, which will greatly cost the use of on-site machinery and equipment. reduce.