HC16 rapid impact compactor Specifications-Excavator rapid impact compaction Manufacturer

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HC16 rapid impact compactor is also known as rapid impact compaction, excavator hydraulic compactor, etc. The main specifications are impact energy, effective depth, etc. It can be installed on excavators or forklifts. Rapid impact compaction has become a widely used one in roadbed and pavement construction. Compared with the traditional manual compaction and small compaction equipment, the excavator rapid impact compaction equipment has the advantages of convenient transition, flexibility and efficiency, safety and environmental protection, good control performance, and high ramming energy.


1. Specifications of HC16 rapid impact compactor

Model: HC16

Impact energy: 16KJ

Working height: 3230mm

Standard tamper plate diameter: 630mm

Work quality: 3.1t

Effective depth: 0.5-1.5m

Suitable for 18-30t excavator or 3-4t loader


2. Introduction of HC16 rapid impact compactor

The HC16 rapid impact compaction machine can eliminate or weaken the inherent defects and man-made defects of the layered compacted roadbed, eliminate the possible post-construction settlement during the service life of the foundation in advance, and solve the problem of bridge head jumping at the junction of new and old roadbeds and roadbed filling and excavation in my country. settlement differences, etc. The short-term development history and rapid promotion and use are precisely to meet the high standards and requirements of the current highway infrastructure construction, which also makes the HC16 rapid impact compactor unfamiliar to most construction passers-by.


3. Principle of HC16 rapid impact compactor

Rapid impact compactor is the mainstream of rapid impact compaction equipment. Therefore, it can be said that a rapid impact compactor is a compactor that utilizes machine gravity and variable forces to compress soil. The soil compaction method may be called dynamic compaction or dynamic compaction. The essence of dynamic compaction is to obtain a larger dynamic resultant force through external force on the basis of static force (gravity) compaction, so as to achieve a better compaction effect. At the same time, another feature of the hydraulic rammer of the excavator is that the high frequency impact frequency will affect the movement of the compacted matrix particles and directly affect the compaction degree of the compacted matrix. According to the theory of soil compaction, the closer the vibration frequency is to the natural frequency of the compacted material, that is, when the vibration wave resonates with the soil, the better the compaction effect is. The rapid impact compaction equipment has three different vibration frequencies to meet the compaction requirements of the fill material.


The manufacturer mainly researches, develops and produces road hydraulic compaction equipment, such as excavator hydraulic compactor, rapid impact compactor, etc. The rapid impact compactor realizes the functions of computer automatic control and hydraulic afterburner. The compaction strength is adjustable in multiple stages, the impact depth of HC16 is 0.5-1.5m, and the maximum specification of rapid impact compaction equipment can reach 10 meters.