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rapid impact compaction

Construction effect of backfill soil compaction for building foundation with rapid impact compactor

Rapid impact compactor can solve the problem of lack of water-permeable backfill and water source in building foundation compaction. Using the advantages of the...
2022-08-31 10:01:49
rapid impact compactor

How to construct the new and old road junction of rapid impact compactor?

The video shows the loader rapid impact compaction on the construction site at the junction of the old and new roads. It can be seen from the video that the ram...
2022-08-31 10:01:13
rapid impact compaction

Hangshen rapid impact compaction at the construction site of Hong Kong Airport

The rapid impact compaction machines produced by Hangshen have been widely used in road base compaction projects such as highways, railways, airports, etc. in H...
2022-08-31 09:57:49
rapid impact compactor

What is the construction effect of the excavator rapid impact compactor?

The video mainly shows the compaction effect and working state of the excavator rapid impact compactor in the actual construction. The Hangshen rapid impact com...
2022-08-31 09:48:26
rapid impact compactor

Zaozhuang rapid impact compactor grain depot building foundation treatment construction

The video mainly introduces the practical application of the Hangshen hydraulic high-speed dynamic compactor in a grain depot construction project in Zaozhuang,...
2022-08-31 09:44:55
rapid impact compactor

Shandong rapid impact compactor construction - loader compactor foundation treatment

Rapid impact compaction machine construction in Shandong, loader tamping machine foundation treatment, roadbed rapid impact compaction machine is the mainstream...
2022-08-31 09:40:16
rapid impact compactor

Construction method of rapid impact compaction for loader - construction in rapid impact compactor workshop building

Loader rapid impact compaction construction method. Rapid impact compactor is constructed in the factory building. Rapid impact compaction can eliminate or weak...
2022-08-30 14:23:36
rapid impact compaction

Large excavator rapid impact compaction - rapid impact compactor loess foundation treatment

This video is about the mining site of an open-pit coal mine in Inner Mongolia. In the video, the excavator is modified with an upper milling head for mining op...
2022-08-30 14:13:29

Rapid Impact Compaction Video

There are many rapid impact compaction construction projects, among which HC84 rapid impact compaction participated in the construction of Hong Kong International Airport and Xiamen International Airport. HC150 participated in the construction of Saudi Arabia's Jizan Airport and Dubai Airport United Arab Emirates. HC36 and HC42 rapid impact compactors have participated in most highway constructions in China and the construction of port construction, etc.