HC36 rapid impact compaction-side treatment of road subgrade and abutment

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The rapid impact compactor works under the traction of the loader (or crawler excavator), and its main components are: compaction box body, rammer body, buffer cylinder device, grounding base, connecting plate device, hydraulic system, electric control system, etc. The hydraulic power source comes from the loader (or crawler excavator), and the rammer body is raised and lowered through a specially designed hydraulic system. According to the work requirements, the rapid impact compaction can be selected from different working gears by the electronic control system to meet the corresponding working conditions. The rapid impact compactor box plays the role of guiding and protecting the safe falling of the rammer body; the hammer body is a working device, which first acts on the buffer cylinder device, and then transmits the impact energy to the foundation to be compacted through a special grounding base. The ascending, descending and moving transition of the rapid impact compaction equipment are realized by the boom arm of the corresponding traction device, and the forward and backward swing is realized by the rocker arm of the connected traction device.

HC36 rapid impact compaction

The rapid impact compaction machine is similar to the dynamic ramming machine. The tamper is lifted to a certain height under the action of hydraulic pressure, and then under the action of gravity and hydraulic pressure, the rammer is forced to fall to compact the foundation, which belongs to impact compaction. mechanical. The difference between the rapid impact compactor and the traditional dynamic compactor is that: the traditional dynamic compactor is to use lifting equipment (special dynamic compactor for lifting or crane with tripod, gantry, etc.) to repeatedly lift the 8-40t tamper to the 8 After the height of -25m, the automatic decoupling is used to release the load or the hammer falls freely, giving the foundation a strong impact energy; while the rapid impact compaction machine uses hydraulic pressure to lift the rammer to a height of 0.8-1.2m, and then press the hydraulic pressure and Under the double action of gravity, the foundation is compacted by falling down, and under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, the rapid up and down reciprocating motion is realized. Single point or continuous compaction requirements for the compacted area.

HC36 rapid impact compaction

Rapid impact compactor is actually a compaction machine that compresses soil by combining the gravity and variable force of the machine. It is also called a dynamic compaction technology. The dynamic compaction technology is mainly used in roadbed reinforcement. When the soil structure is guaranteed, the strength and density of the soil can be improved. In the layout of the operating points of the rapid impact compaction equipment, the contact type and the interval type are mainly used. Among them, the contact type means that each road tamping point is in contact, and it can mainly be used in the construction of pavement projects with a relatively small area of the roadbed and high requirements on the tamping quality of the roadbed. The interval type means that there is a certain distance between each compaction point, and the compaction method needs to be determined according to the actual road conditions. In the road surface operation method of rapid impact compaction machine, there are mainly linear operation method and fan operation method. Among them, the straight-line operation method matches the layout of spaced operation points. The fan operation method matches the contact type operation point layout.