HC08 rapid impact compaction machine technical parameters - small rapid impact compactor

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Rapid impact compactor has become a new type of compaction equipment widely used in roadbed and pavement construction. HC08 is one of the small rapid impact compaction machines. Compared with traditional manual compaction and small compaction equipment, rapid impact compaction equipment has It has the advantages of convenient delivery, flexibility and efficiency, safety and environmental protection, good operating performance, and high compaction energy, while improving work efficiency and further reducing budget costs.


1. Technical parameters of HC08 rapid impact compactor

Model: HC08

Impact energy: 8KJ

Working height: 2450mm

Standard tamper plate diameter: 560mm

Work quality: 1.7t

Effective depth: 0.4-1.0m

Can be installed on 7-13t excavator or 1-2t loader


2. Application scope of rapid impact compaction machine

1. High fill: Overall compaction of thick fill to increase yield and reduce or avoid interlayer slippage caused by layered compaction. After compaction, the compaction degree of high fill can reach more than 95% evenly.

2. It can handle the foundation of the back of the platform, the side of the culvert, the surrounding of the bridge pier, the slope, the turning area of the compactor, the area without roads and other areas where the existing large-scale compaction or compaction machinery cannot approach the foundation, and the important facilities such as general highways can solve the local foundation After the subsidence, the early damage of the road surface, the jumping of the bridge head, the inclination of the bridge pier, the decline of the slope and other problems.

3. The river embankment can be reinforced.

Hydraulic rapid impact compaction equipment can be widely used in bridge platform back, culvert side, chicken claw ditch and other highways. Railway subgrade compaction, dam slope protection reinforcement and leakage treatment, oil depot, airport, port and other large-scale foundation compaction, to solve the phenomenon of bridge head jumping.


3. Advantages of rapid impact compactor in highway construction

The HC08 rapid impact compaction machine can flexibly and flexibly compact different compaction operating positions accurately and quickly, or compact the operating area in a single point or continuously. The rapid impact compactor has very flexible applicability and effectiveness to solve the problem of low quality of backfilling on the highway abutment and bridge and culvert side. The rapid impact compaction equipment plays an important role in eliminating the differences in the construction progress and process conditions of different professional construction teams, as well as the differential settlement of the foundation caused by factors such as rushing the construction period and rushing the schedule. The construction effect of the rapid impact compaction is mainly reflected in that it can eliminate or weaken the inherent defects and man-made defects of local road sections such as the layered roadbed, the back of the bridge abutment, the half fill and half excavation, the local high fill, the junction of old and new roads, etc., which may occur. during basic use.


The HC08 rapid impact compaction is installed on the excavator or loader, which can quickly reach the compaction site and perform fast and effective compaction work. The effect is obvious and the construction efficiency is high. It can shorten the settlement time and improve the construction efficiency.