HC12 rapid impact compaction Manufacturer Parameters-Structural Principle of rapid impact compactor

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HC12 rapid impact compactor has the advantages of convenient conversion, high moving efficiency, and greatly improved construction efficiency. During the construction process of the actual machine, it has been recognized and approved by the construction party and the owner, which not only improves the construction efficiency, but also saves the construction cost. , which originally took 3 months to settle, but now it only takes 3 days to complete.


1. HC12 rapid impact compaction manufacturer parameters

Model: HC12

Impact energy: 12KJ

Hammer weight: 1200kg

Working height: 3230mm

Standard tamper plate diameter: 630mm

Working weight: 3.1t

Effective depth: 0.8-1.5m

It can be installed on 18-30t excavator or 3-4t loader.


2. Structure and principle of rapid impact compactor

The structure of the rapid impact compaction machine is composed of a compactor, a compaction frame, a compaction plate, and a hydraulic drive device. The technical principle of the rapid impact compaction equipment is: use the hydraulic cylinder to lift the gate to a certain height, and then release it. The plunger is accelerated and lowered under the combined action of gravity and hydraulic pressure. Falling behind, hit the tamping plate with the mat, apply static pressure to the ground, and then ram the ground through the tamping plate. Since the action of the rammer on the ground is realized by the ramming plate with cushion and static pressure on the ground, compared with the traditional compaction technology and the continuous action of high-speed hydraulic rammer, its peak force is small, the action time is long, and the function is soft. , It is not easy to cut and fill the streamline, and has the functions of dustproof and splashproof.


3. Advantages of HC12 rapid impact compaction machine and other compaction equipment

Compared with the traditional compaction technology, the HC12 rapid impact compactor has a small peak force, long action time, soft function, not easy to cut and fill the streamline, and has the functions of dustproof and anti-splash. Compared with the traditional surface rolling technology, the HC12 rapid impact compaction equipment has strong and uniform penetrating power, and it is not easy to form surface induration in the basic treatment, and can obtain a more uniform density in a larger depth range. As a general-purpose motorized rapid impact compactor, for the straight compaction structure without the compaction plate, the action mechanism of the ground and the traditional compaction technology (dynamic compaction, etc.) have greater compaction strength, and can also be used for crushing the ground and other structures .


The HC12 rapid impact compactor manufacturer is located in Tai'an City, Shandong Province. It was established in 2008. It has 14 years of manufacturing experience and R&D experience. It has a high-level R&D team and can completely independently develop products. problem-solving ability.