HC20 rapid impact compactor Brand - Loader rapid impact compaction Price

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1. Specific parameters of HC20 hydraulic compactor

Model: HC20

Impact energy: 20KJ

Working height: 3510mm

Standard tamper plate diameter: 630mm

Work quality: 3.6t

Effective depth 1.0-1.8 meters

Brand: Bangshen

It can be installed on 25-36t excavator or 4-5t loader.

Rapid impact compaction roadbed construction

2. The role of HC20 hydraulic compactor

Rapid impact compaction plays an important role in eliminating the differences in construction progress and process conditions of different professional construction teams, as well as the differential settlement of the foundation caused by factors such as rushing the construction period and rushing into the schedule. The construction effect of rapid impact compaction is mainly reflected in the fact that it can eliminate or weaken the inherent defects and man-made defects of local road sections such as the layered roadbed, the back of the abutment, the half fill and half excavation, the local high fill, the junction of old and new roads, etc., which may occur. during basic use. rapid impact compactors have very flexible applicability and effectiveness in solving the problem of low quality of backfill on highway abutments and bridge and culvert sides. It can flexibly and flexibly compact different compaction operation positions accurately and quickly, or compact the operation area in a single point or continuously.

HC Rapid Impact Compaction Abutment Back Treatment

3. Development background of HC high-speed hydraulic compactor

At the beginning of this century, Yang Shiji, a researcher from the Highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, took the lead in putting forward the requirements and suggestions for this type of compaction machine, requiring the compaction effect to be no less than 25KJ impact compactor. Meets layered compaction standards without damaging the original soil structure and adjacent structures. Senior engineer Cao Bin was commissioned to design the rammer in China. At the beginning of 2003, China's first high-speed hydraulic compactor was born in Tai'an, Shandong. The first prototype had a hammer mass of 2.5t and a tamping potential of 30kj. Bearing equipment adopts 5T wheel loader. The application effect of the high-speed hydraulic compactor was tested by the Road Construction Machinery Testing Center of the Ministry of Transport, and was tested in conjunction with the roads under construction in Gansu, Anhui, Guangdong and other provinces.

Large Rapid Impact Compaction Foundation Treatment