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This column is about the consultation, working principle and construction plan of hydraulic high-speed hydraulic compactor. Welcome to consult the price of a hydraulic compactor. In some cases, this technology can be used to strengthen the compaction of the subgrade at the bridge head and link the settlement of the subgrade in the engineering that is suitable for high-speed hydraulic compaction, so as to effectively deal with the problem of vehicle jumping at the head of the bridge and ensure the safety of passing vehicles.
What is rapid impact compaction used for?
Rapid Impact Compaction can solve the problem of the reverse side of the bridge abutment, the side of the tunnel, the surrounding of the bridge pile, the slope, the surrounding of the bridge pile, the side slope, the turning area of the compaction machine turning machine, the no road area, etc. Problems such as early rise of road damage, bridge abutment jumping, bridge pile inclination, and side slope rolling after the settlement of key equipment