Common Specifications of HC60 Hydraulic Compactor-Use Effect of Loader Compactor

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The reinforcement of the compacted structure at the intersection of the backfill of the highway platform and the filling and excavation of the pavement engineering is one of the key construction projects in the construction of the highway. The bridge head jumping is one of the difficult problems in the construction engineering expressway. General compaction machinery and equipment cannot be compacted immediately. The loader and compactor are used for structural reinforcement. The development trend of the compaction degree of backfilling has important implications for improving the characteristics of the dam foundation and reducing the problem of jumping at the bridge head, laying a solid foundation for rapid construction. !HC60液压夯实机

Rapid impact compaction is an integrated product of industrial equipment, electronic components, and hydraulic machines. Hydraulic airbag damping and electronic component control are used, resulting in a compaction potential of 42KJ, and the frequency of high compaction potential can reach 30 times/min. The mechanical energy can be adjusted according to the three gears of low, medium and strong. The compaction output power is divided into two different application methods: active and hand-pulled. There are two working methods of servo motor and continuous ramming. Various Various job requirements.

The basic concept of the loader tamper in its work is mainly: use the hydraulic cylinder to carry out the development trend of the rammer, and release it freely after reaching a certain absolute height. Damaged by both the interaction force and the accumulator of the four-column hydraulic press, the rammer accelerates to land, and after landing, strikes the rammer that sits above the floor and has a rubber plate.


The rapid impact compaction machine uses the tamping foot to carry out the actual effect on the road surface. Compared with the traditional dynamic ramming foundation, the maximum value of its effect force is very small, and the actual effect process is also very long. The key feature is that the actual effect is soft, And it is not easy to cut the fill layer and streamlined shape, and it can also prevent dirt and splashes at the same time.

Comparing the professional ability of compaction and compaction with small rollers, it has strong penetrating force, and the force is relatively uniform, and it is not easy to cause surface lumps when dealing with the basics. Within the range, its density is relatively uniform.

As a new type of compaction industrial equipment, loader compactor has the characteristics of large compaction mechanical energy and flexibility. According to the centralized compaction mechanical energy, the sand is compacted, which can evenly develop the trend of sand compaction in various aspects. It is used for highway construction. The compactness of the back of the platform, the junction of fill and cut, and the compaction of the high fill roadbed pavement provides a fast and effective object. The application of the compaction professional ability of the loader and compactor in highway construction has important economic and social implications.